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i+i=ii About Ii

ii started out as an acronym for Instant Infrastructure, but as I looked at it more and more it looked like two people standing together. Then, as I thought about it more, it became symbolic of multiple eye’s, sharing the same vision for a moment. Someone once said ‘lend me your ears’, but in our extremely visually oriented culture, I’d prefer if you lent me you eyes. You will see and imagine things that I won’t, and without you sharing your ideas, the world will be a less bright place. ‘this’ with multiple eyes (yours and mine… and everyone we meet) becomes thiis. Lend me your ii’s for a bit and let’s try to define thiis together.

I’ve been privileged to work with some pretty amazing people and it’s been nice to see many of them face to face in the last few weeks. I been to two conferences in my field of work and was able to speak about ii at both of them. At the first I wrote a program with symbols on my name card written by my friends:

Welcome @chefconf everyone! Come say hi when you see me.

April 24, 2013

@jtimberman and i sharing the first symbol of a program i want to share with you all @chefconf

April 25, 2013

@mitchellh and i sharing a symbolic smile @chefconf

April 25, 2013

Come see what this is all about #ChefConf #ii

April 25, 2013

I used those symbols in my talk and then put up an open document that anyone can edit live at and currently looks like this:

It contained some thoughts about what I think thiis is and directions for registering the domain. had a kind of Yoda like ring to it and I had registered before, but I had let it lapse. I didn’t have the money to register it, so I put out a request for help. Anyone could have registered for themselves, but it was so much fun to trust that it could happen without my direct help. Including trusting that no one would delete everything from the directions listed at 8)

Powerful words, but just ink on a page if we don’t bring them to life… that’s what I’m trying to do and I need your help. It doesn’t matter if you are a coder, artist, chef, painter, doctor, or captain; you can continuously deliver amazing love to the world if you choose to.

I say continuously because consistency matters.
I say deliver because generosity is contagious.
I say love because it’s the only thing that endures.

cd means continuously deliver love … a talk about the most important thing in the world

#thiis is about #ii

The prezi itself has the full videos and you can save a copy and change it as desired.

Someone registered for me and we had some fun at the hackday that followed, but I’ll leave that for another post. 8)

ii <3 you